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Licensed Massage Therapist & Nationally Board Certified 

Lisa Evans,  BCTMB, CHT

License in Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Board Certified Massage Therapist for over 20 years as well as a Consulting Hypnotist.  Lisa has helped numerous people receive relief from discomforts caused by stressful and over active lifestyles. Many couples have also received help with fertility challenges and nurtured pregnancies.  A licensed professional with various degrees of certifications in medical massage, hypnosis, cold laser, Lisa enjoys educating her clients in the art of the mind body connections as she helps them on their wellness journey.

Routine Massages = Better Performance!

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Package series are available in 4 or 8 sessions, allowing you to receive the needed therapy you desire. Clients often use these sessions to work on specific or chronic areas of their bodies.

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During these lifestyle changes, Come in and feel better both mentally and physically.

 Functional Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Recovery

Foot & Hand Reflexology

Cupping Therapy

Mayan Abdominal Massage 

Myofascial & Neuromuscular

Thai Yoga Massage

Lymphactic Massage

Our Expertise

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Over 20 yrs Experience

Studies show 80% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Give massage a try (30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, or 90 Minutes sessions) and stop living in pain when you don’t have to.  

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Sore From Working Out?

Massage is great for post workout recovery as it aids in muscles that are tight or overworked from strenuous exercise.
Hit peak performance with a sports massage!

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Pre/Post Operation?

Eliminate pain and restore movement to the troubled areas. If you’re suffering from pain give massage a try. It’s a safe and effective way to start fighting back against your pain and inflammation.

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Cupping Therapy

People use cupping for a variety of reasons: Release stubborn connective tissue with cupping sessions. Lessen those deposits of subcutaneous fats around hips and thighs, and improve blood flow. Give it a try today!

Licensed & Board Certified Nationally

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Routine Massages = Healthly Aging!

Lisa Evans  LMT

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575 South St. West, Raynham MA
Inside Neck Back Pain Center

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Inside Neck Back Pain Center
575 South St. West Raynham


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